Nike Workout Tank Top with Open Back

Nike is the world’s athletic shoes’ largest supplier and manufacturer. This giant company is also manufacturing sports apparel and the other equipment. The popularity of Nike brands is increasing from year to year that makes it the most dominated manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment. Simply, when we talk about sports apparel, then Nike brands appearing right away in our head. Well, it is reasonable if Nike brands dominate the selling of sports apparel because the Nike brands always provide both high-quality design and durability. It is also the reason why we want to share part of Nike sports apparel product: open back sports tank top.

Just like the other sports apparel manufactured by Nike, these open back sports tank tops are also offering both high-quality design and material. It is not the Nike brand if we can’t be proud of wearing it. Especially for a backless tank top that is very suitable for sports top wear during the summer, Nike is offering several stunning models with the high-quality material to provide the maximum comfort and performance in any sports exercises. The pride of wearing sports apparels with the iconic swoosh logo is also a great way to boost your self-confidence when you go to the gym, yoga class, and so on. Well, here are several examples of Nike workout tank top with open back:

1. Nike Elastika Solid Tank Top

Nike Elastika Solid Tank Top

This “Just Do It” training tank top is designed to be loose fit gently off the body for ultimate comfort. The material of this tank top is Dri-Fit high-performance fabric that helps wicks perspiration away from the body and also towards the surface where it can evaporate so that you can feel fresh. The scoop neckline design provides the necessary coverage of your front body, while the minimalist novelty back maximizes the range of your movement.

2. Nike Victory Tank Top

Nike Victory Tank Top

Victory tank top is a set of tank and a sports bra which can be worn separate of together. It is made of Dri-Fit high-performance fabric to wick perspiration away from your body and towards the surface where it can evaporate to keep you cool and comfortable inside. The T-back styling of this tank allows you to have arms complete range of movement. The included sports bra is designed for light-impact sports such as yoga, weight training, and walking.

3. Nike Strappy Training Tank

Nike Strappy Training Tank

It is a chic open back tank top which is designed for you to get the freedom and comfort for moving and grooving in this workout-ready strappy training tank. The strappy, X-bac design and straight hemline design of this tank top are very nice and lovely.

4. Nike Dry Miler Running Tank

Nike Dry Miler Running Tank

Wearing this open back tank top will give you cool and comfortable feeling while running with the mesh panels which increase breathability and cooling. The racerback styling of this tank top allows arms complete range of movement so that you can run a long distance with fun.

5. Nike Dry Running Tank

Nike Dry Running Tank

This performance running tank is a very nice choice to settle into a mile-eating stride and rack up some distance. The allover mesh construction of this tank top increases ventilation to keep you cool although you sweat a lot. This tank also has reflective elements which are helpful to enhance the visibility in low-light conditions.


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